Bulk Plants

Design, to Start-Up, Excavation, Tank Installation, Installation of Dike & Liners, Piping, Tank Monitoring Equipment, Loading Containment Pads and Service after the Sale!

Rollie’s personnel are dedicated to making the finest Bulk Plant with the functionality, design and quality that is available. Each Plant is made to according to specific needs, Example, Metering, Blending, Maximum Flow.
  • Piping is one of our Specialties
  • Forming Dike & Installing Liners
  • Contained Loading Systems
  • Pumping Equipment New or Used
  • Custom Designed Loading Platforms

  • Fiberglass Tanks (Fertilizer)
  • Steel Tanks
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Skid Tanks
  • Liquid Petroleum
  • Inline Piping
  • Rail Piping
  • Above Ground Loading dock
  • Bottom Loading Docks (With time on your side, and safety in mind, you will never go wrong with a Bottom Loading System.)